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    September 13, 2022

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The Successful Childcare Career of Mrs. Astrid Klaußner | SOML

Behind every flourishing business is a story.

As part of the Story of My Life (#SOML) hashtag, we’re shedding light on five inspiring, entrepreneurial women whom we love! Their journeys reflect great hardships and various challenges, and every detail is beautiful in its own way. Here’s Mrs. Klaußner’s inspiring story. She is responsible for 12 TSA facilities across Thuringia. TSA has a total of 21 kindergartens across Thuringia and Saxony.

As a Business Unit Manager, Frau Klaußner’s division grew into including vocational schools for educators as well as outpatient social services.


What are your key elements of professional development?

  • Highly-skilled and motivated people to work with.
  • Maintaining and developing professional standards.

Tell us about a challenging work situation

  • Implementing COVID-19’s regulation in a timely manner.
  • Finding and retaining skilled employees at a time of upheaval.
  • Maintaining high spirits and motivation to pass on to our children during that period.

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