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    September 6, 2022

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The Successful Childcare Career of Mrs. Nouhad | SOML

Behind every flourishing business is a story.

As part of the Story of My Life (#SOML) hashtag, we’re shedding light on five inspiring, entrepreneurial women whom we love! Their journeys reflect great hardships and various challenges, and every detail is beautiful in its own way. and here’s Mrs. Nouhad’s inspiring story…


How did you grow your business?

With hard work, passion, and a lot of sacrifices, the support of my husband for sure was a big push and most importantly the loyalty of an incredible team.


What are the main achievements you have made so far?

From a personal perspective, I believe I have three amazing children who are the world to me and my greatest achievement by far. From a career perspective growing from 1 nursery that started with 4 children into 2 nurseries in 8 years, and won the award of top 10 nurseries in UAE as well as built a passionate and amazing team.


What are the challenges you faced?

The most challenging part is ensuring there is a work-life balance, which till today is tough work. As a wife, mother of 3, and nursery director there are many days that I question if I am being fair to all 3 parts of my life. Today I am building an empire that needs a lot of work and attention, but my children need that same attention and time.


How did you handle these challenges?

I accept that some days I will be more assertive in a specific part and give more to the other another day. Power through the hard days and NEVER forget to pause every once in a while.
Reflect to see how much you have grown and plan where you want to get.


What is your advice to a woman who is considering opening her own business?

Invest time, love, and care into your team. They are the main pillars of it all. Share your future goals and work backwards.


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