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Parent Childcare Management Solution

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Parent childcare management software streamlines and improves child care communication and administration in a single, secure childcare management platform. Accessible anywhere, Parent frees up your time for all the important stuff – neat, right?


Wasting time on emails, lists, and redundant tasks?

See real-time messaging and newsfeed

Parents have trust in you with their children.

Trust us in the same way in data protection.

The security of all data is our top priority! That is why we have established a variety of protective functions that allow daycare centres to communicate and exchange information with each other and with parents without any worries.

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  • Børnegården Blistrup struggled with outdated management techniques, and it was coming in the way of their growth. Parent saw to it that operations went smoothly, staff were happy, and the parents were even happier.

    "Parent changes my way of working, especially in terms of communication both with parents and and staff"

    Jens Ole Clausen Børnegården Blistrup Admin
  • From streamlining and centralizing all tasks to communication with staff, admins and parents, Parent does it all.

    "Working with Parent made me feel like I have a better and much bigger overview of our nursery because every functionality is gathered in one place."

    Gine Brøndum Hansen Børnehaven Lindehuset Admin
  • Parent is more than just a child care management solution; it’s a nurturing ecosystem for child care owners, educators, parents and children. Don’t believe us? Just listen to Samina from JINS!

    Samina Khanyari General Manager, Jumeirah International Nurseries
  • With almost 2,000 children under their wing, Germany's TSA has strict child care demands, and Parent was there to see to it all!

    "I am very happy about the little glimpses into everyday life, so that you can also find out what our children do in the kindergarten throughout the day."

    Stephan Riese Managing Director, TSA Bildungs und Soziales gGmbh
  • Zeina from nursery Step By Step talks about how tracking child attendance with Parent has eliminated a lot of stress:

    “It’s very easy. Just one click to check in a child and another click to check out” But that’s not all! Read about all the changes Step By Step has made using Parent.

    Zeina Al Banna Admin, Step by Step Nursery, UAE
  • Parent has done a lot to bring Den Jødiske Barnehage into the new digital era of child care, bridging all kinds of gaps in communication, planning, billing and more.

    “[Parent] is a great way to bring together all forms of communication, both internally and externally, for parents, staff, educators, and groups.”

    Cathrine Adler Styrer, Den Jødiske barnehagen
  • Kita Lilu’s operations and communications with both staff and parents saw a dramatic increase in efficiency ever since Parent came into play. See what Parent can do for your daycare now with our 40-day free trial: landing page

    “It has surprised me how easy it is to use Parent without major knowledge about it. You can immediately use the system, and quickly be familiar with it.”

    Claudia Stucki Nursery Owner, Kita Lilu, Switzerland

Our Apps Reviews

  • I Love this app! As a grandmother I get to see my granddaughters in their daily classes and I feel that I have a closer connection with them, even though they live in Canada now. Thanks for creating this app.

  • Best app ever, I get to see my child everyday and being able to monitor everything going with him easily.. Super easy to use, staff are very professional and helpful.. Can't be more happy.. Way to go

    Maryam Adel
  • That's a very useful app ! Thank you to the app developers. Also I'd like to thank Khaled, he is very professional and he's doing an amazing job .

    Iana Pirlii

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Parent childcare management software / app works on all major platforms, enabling you to work seamlessly across your browser, mobile device, tablet and computer.