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    November 15, 2022

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Webinar: Mental Health for Teachers - Here’s what you should know

Last October, we wrapped up a wholesome discussion about teachers’ mental health and well-being. We gathered field experts to shed light on daycare centers’ roles, identifying early warning signs, and the importance of digital childcare tools, like Parent. 


We’ve talked with early years leader, Nouhad Doughan, Founder of Kids Spot Nursery, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Michel Nawfal about the key points any center needs to take better care of its children, teachers, and staff. Our very own, Firas el-Bizri also gave insights about how communication tools can help.


Q1: Why are mental health check-ups necessary?

A: Mental health is an important aspect for everybody; it has a great impact on everyone around you. It’s as important as physical well-being. Mental stability affects relationships between teachers and children, teachers and staff members, and more. 

Quote: “Teachers with mental health difficulties may have less belief that they can support the wellbeing and mental health of their students,” (Leedsbeckett, UK)


Q2: What are some of the early warning signs that a daycare center management can notice and act on? 

A: The teachers’ cognitive behavior, such as their concentration, ability to focus, and emotional collectiveness. Noting down their irritability, proactivity, and creativity is also very useful. 


Q3: In the daycare center, how do you make sure that you’re teachers are feeling safe and calm?

A: At Kids Spot Nursery, we value transparency. We always have one-on-one chats to make sure they are feeling okay. We also ask them about their personal lives and make sure they have a support system. Finally, we ask them to name professional situations when they had to reflect on, and other events that made them proud and confident. 

Quote: “Children absorb every feeling you give them.


Q4: How can daycare centers improve their teachers’ performance and creativity at work?

A: According to the Canadian Ministry of Education, teachers’ motivation levels increase when they feel part of the institution they work for. The feeling of contribution and decision-making is empowering. 


Q5: Why is using digital childcare tools, like the Parent app, a must?

A: Childcare is a demanding and challenging sector. Teachers are expected to cope with daily stress while staying on top of everything with the children’s development. With the Parent app, daycare centers eliminate the hassle of documentation and reporting. It also allows the center to include the parents in their kids’ daily activities and development.  

Quote: "As a father of five, I missed so many precious moments.  So, we started Parent for that initially. Then we dedicated more research to allocating and working on the sector’s gaps.


Q6: How did the Parent app help Kids Spot Nursery?

A: The Parent app has changed everything for us. It upgraded our operations and eliminated a lot of stress points, but most importantly, it organized the development stages of the children through the updated curriculum and learning journals. 

Quote: “Parent app’s observations feature helps teachers and parents identify and assess the physical and mental wellness of the children.


Click here, to watch the full webinar