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    September 27, 2022

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The Successful Childcare Career of Mrs. Nadine | SOML

Behind every flourishing business is a story.

As part of the Story of My Life (#SOML) hashtag, we’re shedding light on five inspiring, entrepreneurial women whom we love! Their journeys reflect great hardships and various challenges, and every detail is beautiful in its own way. Here’s Mrs. Nadine’s inspiring story…



Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mother hands down. She’s a 79-year-old grandma with a fighter spirit! She never fails to inspire me to this day.

How would you describe “persistence” in your work life?

Persistence is vital to consistency because, without it, you’re bound to give up when the road gets rocky. For me, it’s the key to success.

Who’s your favorite female leader?

Every struggling woman who found a way to keep moving forward is my favorite.

Quote: “Innovation is a woman’s type of thing.”

Tell us about one challenge you had to take in your career.

Our CEO asked me to jump in and help mentor and train the commercial team. He wanted a drastic shift in their performance and proactivity. I took on the challenge, and one month in, results started showing.

By the end of the second month, although it was a low season, the team’s spirit was lifted and they were succeeding more than ever. I think what made a major difference was enriching their product knowledge and catering to their career needs. Eventually, everyone hopped on and started to finally enjoy their ride!


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