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Our Webinars' Speakers




Dr. Sarah Rogers, UK

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CEO and founder of EYES & Quest / Doctorate in Education, B Phil, MA in Education. 

Sarah is the CEO and founder of EYES and Quest.

With over 25 years experience of working within the education sector at senior level in the UK and overseas, Sarah set up EYES and later Quest in order to support and promote the quality of education in both the early years and primary sectors.



Emma Jayne Morgan, UAE

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Educational Consultant

Emma has been involved in the Early Years here in the UAE since 2003. After completing her degree, she trained to become an Early Years teacher working with a variety of age groups and later moving into management.

This has given her an excellent knowledge of all the different areas and levels of an Early Years setting.

Emma is passionate about providing all children with excellent Early Years care as she believes that this is the most important stage of a child’s development.

Emma is currently teaching our Level 3 Early Years Practitioner and Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Service.



Arwa Naccho, UAE

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Green grass nursery CEO

Passionate nursery principal and CEO with more than one decade of experience in early childhood education. She is committed to fostering a love of learning in young children and creating a supportive environment for their holistic development. Master of Business Administration from HULT University, Bachelor’s degree in French Literature from Damascus University, CACHE LEVEL 3 for the Early Years Workforce AND 5 DIPLOMA in Leadership for Children and Young People Services from Quest Dubai. Arwa started her job as a teacher in 2010 “I started working as a nursery teacher and then a nursery supervisor in 2010. from that moment, l became hooked! Year after year, l am still fascinated by these little people who, with one smile, can brighten up my day in an instant. As a mom of 3 children like you, l always looks forward to embracing and celebrating every child’s milestone and achievement.” Arwa is the co-founder of Green Grass Nursery and Early learning centre; she is fascinated with languages and works to deliver languages in an engaging way to children. Arwa comes from Syria. Arwa established strong partnerships with parents and the local community to ensure collaborative support for student development and navigate Green Grass Nursery to be awarded twice as the parent’s best choice.



Naila Saeed, Canada

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CEO | EYES Childcare

Naila Saeed, a Master's in Public Administration, started her Day Care industry career 20 years ago because of her passion towards childcare, coaching and entrepreneurship. A teacher sensitive to the behavioural patterns and needs of the little ones, she has built a niche in caring for them while being diligent to the regulation demands of this industry.

In these 20 years, she has mastered the techniques of teaching from varied school of philosophies including Emergent, ELECT, Montessori and Reggio Emilia. A healthy and happy child is not her business but her mission.

She initially started with J&F Daycare and Ernest Public School before venturing on her own.She started “Early Years Education System” (EYES) as a registered business to provide state of the art daycare and tuition services for children 1-12 years of age.Naila’s experience has trained her well to apply the highest level of skills to implement and maintain compliance with legislative requirements related to licensing and inspection such as fire, health, and safety. Her academic background also includes relevant courses and certification required for the daycare industry from Mother-craft and Seneca College, Montessori Teachers College.



Sandra Vella, Canada

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Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Director/Consultant/HCC Home Visitor

The inception of Daycare Consulting Services arose from her deep-rooted belief in the necessity to provide assistance to the community and furnish resources that were previously unavailable to operators, staff, and providers in the child care industry. Sandra’s enthusiasm lies in collaborating with childcare personnel and operators to explore new and inventive means of improving and promoting inclusive work practices while bringing a vision to fruition. Additionally, Daycare Consulting Services also holds a license with the Ministry of Education as an operator in the home child care sector in the GTA.

Since 1987 she has been in the childcare field, she has  had the privilege of working alongside independent and not-for-profit organizations. Throughout her career, her duties have encompassed front line work, management, conducted site assessments, and overseeing and supporting operators, services, premises, and activities in accordance with legal or mandated licensing obligations. she has  witnessed firsthand the transformative power of quality licensed childcare and its impact on children's lives.

Her  journey began with a diploma in Early Childhood Education from George Brown College, which laid a solid foundation for her understanding of child development and effective teaching practices. Over the years, she has continuously honed her skills and expanded her  knowledge in various domains, including marketing, communications, and business management. This multidisciplinary approach allows her  to provide comprehensive support to licensed childcare providers and operators, addressing not only their operational needs but also their marketing and business challenges.