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Enterprise Childcare Solutions

Streamline center experience with integrated app

Get a premium app for your top-notch program that offers a smooth experience for teachers and parents alike. Our solution offers advanced capabilities to corporate administrators, district managers and directors with a hierarchical platform. Parent ApS is tailored for large enterprises like yours.

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Superior Technical Features

Scalable core architecture 
designed for enterprise flexibility and robustness, able to add hundreds of programs monthly.
In-house engineering team with over 10 years of combined web and mobile development expertise.
Regular product updates featuring thoughtful engineering and exceptional usability. Our adaptive approach to customer needs is achieved through iterative feature design.
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Boost parent satisfaction and center retention

98% of customers report increased satisfaction with their child care provider thanks to Parent ApS.


Personalized support every step of the way

  • Test the benefits with a pilot project and we'll work closely with you during implementation once you're ready.
  • Success relies on involving everyone, so we train your staff, including regional managers, site directors and teachers, before getting them up and running.
  • Continuous support includes aligning our product to your needs, managing data storage and system availability risks, and providing full-service support to employees and families.

Enhance Teacher Recruitment and Retention

  • Empower teachers to excel in their role by managing their class and building family relationships.
  • Parent ApS makes administrative tasks enjoyable, improves teacher recognition and satisfaction.
  • Stay informed with our extensive library of blogs and podcasts for continuous professional learning and thought-provoking leadership. We are dedicated to early education.