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Arwa Naccho, UAE

Green grass nursery CEO

Passionate nursery principal and CEO with more than one decade of experience in early childhood education. She is committed to fostering a love of learning in young children and creating a supportive environment for their holistic development. Master of Business Administration from HULT University, Bachelor’s degree in French Literature from Damascus University, CACHE LEVEL 3 for the Early Years Workforce AND 5 DIPLOMA in Leadership for Children and Young People Services from Quest Dubai. Arwa started her job as a teacher in 2010 “I started working as a nursery teacher and then a nursery supervisor in 2010. from that moment, l became hooked! Year after year, l am still fascinated by these little people who, with one smile, can brighten up my day in an instant. As a mom of 3 children like you, l always looks forward to embracing and celebrating every child’s milestone and achievement.” Arwa is the co-founder of Green Grass Nursery and Early learning centre; she is fascinated with languages and works to deliver languages in an engaging way to children. Arwa comes from Syria. Arwa established strong partnerships with parents and the local community to ensure collaborative support for student development and navigate Green Grass Nursery to be awarded twice as the parent’s best choice.