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Naila Saeed, Canada

CEO | EYES Childcare

Naila Saeed, a Master's in Public Administration, started her Day Care industry career 20 years ago because of her passion towards childcare, coaching and entrepreneurship. A teacher sensitive to the behavioural patterns and needs of the little ones, she has built a niche in caring for them while being diligent to the regulation demands of this industry.

In these 20 years, she has mastered the techniques of teaching from varied school of philosophies including Emergent, ELECT, Montessori and Reggio Emilia. A healthy and happy child is not her business but her mission.

She initially started with J&F Daycare and Ernest Public School before venturing on her own.She started “Early Years Education System” (EYES) as a registered business to provide state of the art daycare and tuition services for children 1-12 years of age.Naila’s experience has trained her well to apply the highest level of skills to implement and maintain compliance with legislative requirements related to licensing and inspection such as fire, health, and safety. Her academic background also includes relevant courses and certification required for the daycare industry from Mother-craft and Seneca College, Montessori Teachers College.