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Sandra Vella, Canada

Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Director/Consultant/HCC Home Visitor

The inception of Daycare Consulting Services arose from her deep-rooted belief in the necessity to provide assistance to the community and furnish resources that were previously unavailable to operators, staff, and providers in the child care industry. Sandra’s enthusiasm lies in collaborating with childcare personnel and operators to explore new and inventive means of improving and promoting inclusive work practices while bringing a vision to fruition. Additionally, Daycare Consulting Services also holds a license with the Ministry of Education as an operator in the home child care sector in the GTA.

Since 1987 she has been in the childcare field, she has  had the privilege of working alongside independent and not-for-profit organizations. Throughout her career, her duties have encompassed front line work, management, conducted site assessments, and overseeing and supporting operators, services, premises, and activities in accordance with legal or mandated licensing obligations. she has  witnessed firsthand the transformative power of quality licensed childcare and its impact on children's lives.

Her  journey began with a diploma in Early Childhood Education from George Brown College, which laid a solid foundation for her understanding of child development and effective teaching practices. Over the years, she has continuously honed her skills and expanded her  knowledge in various domains, including marketing, communications, and business management. This multidisciplinary approach allows her  to provide comprehensive support to licensed childcare providers and operators, addressing not only their operational needs but also their marketing and business challenges.