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Be There for Them, Wherever and Whenever



Stay connected to your child, wherever and whenever.

Instant Messaging

No need to wait for your child’s drop-off or pick up to talk to a teacher. Easily and instantly communicate with teachers, parents and management.

News and Updates

Stay updated on your child’s activities as well as news related to the daycare. Users can comment and react to content such as observations, assessments, scheduled events, holiday feedback notes, inspirations, closing days and more.


Access the calendar to get an overview of scheduled items like events, holidays, closing days, meal planning and more. When enabled, you can enter your child’s attendance, check their meal plans, events and their weekly schedules.


Stay Informed at All Times

Tired of getting paper notes? So are we. With Parent, it’s all right there in the app.

Daily Reports

At the end of each day, receive a detailed report of your child’s daily activities, meals, sleep time, bathroom visits and mood with a detailed report. Stay informed of pick-up and drop-off times, trips, and check in information at all times.

Incident Reporting

When an accident happens while your child is at daycare, you’d naturally want to know. Using Parent’s Ouch status on the Dashboard, an admin or teacher can report a description of the accident and link it to a child’s profile, so you get updated immediately if an incident occurs at the nursery.

Food Plan

Stay aware of your child’s nutrition and get updates on their daily and weekly menu. Staff can create meal plans and plan ahead more efficiently while you stay updated every step of the way.


Other features

Check out Parent’s many efficient child care management features. Easy, intuitive, and always improving!


Child Development

The Observations option is a great way to stay up to date on your child’s daily development. Admins can choose from a wide array of curriculums in order to track each individual child’s progress and keep you up to date on your child’s day-to-day improvements through their profile.


Parental Permissions

Your opinion and involvement as a parent is valued. Nurseries have the option to ask for your permission regarding activities involving your children, by using Parent’s Parental Permissions option.


Holiday Feedback

Before the holidays start, you will get a periodic update by the nursery, allowing you to choose whether or not your child will attend. You can set your own drop off and pick up times, and add custom comments about your child’s availability.


Real-Time Reporting

Don’t wait until you pick up your child to know how their day went. Get notified immediately once a teacher submits a report on your child.